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Studio 6

Space type:

General use space


approx. 172 sqft

Available to:

✓ Members

✓ Non-Members

Ideal for:

Photoshoots, small workshops, one-on-one training and so much more. 

Studio 6 Floor Plan

Space features:

Square space, glass door is the only viewpoint into the space. The opposite wall has external facing windows, allowing beautiful natural light into the space. The remaining walls are white-painted drywall. There are no curtains installed in the space. Electrical outlets spread throughout. 


The general use spaces are empty and available as is. If you require chairs, tables, etc. we can supply these items for the duration of your booking for an additional charge. Please provide advance notice if you require such items, as we do not have extra furniture on-site.  

Floor plan:

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Space Images

Photoshoots in the space

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