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Problem: Don't like receiving your order, checking for accuracy, or you simply don't want to deal with it?

Solution: Hire me! I will receive your order, check the physical items shipped vs. the order slip and confirm delivery accuracy.

Require access to your suite?

Yes/No, depends: you can pick up your order; or if you upgrade I will put your order away for you.

starting at $12/order

What I need from you?

Provide me with any purchase slips or emails concerning your order so I have something to compare what was received and what was ordered.

What you can expect from me?

- review order and ensure order accuracy
- contact & follow up with suppliers if there are any discrepancies
ADD ON $5: - I will place your items on your retail shelves, colour bar and backbar
- I will put away your overstock in your storage cabinet
ADD ON $3: - update your inventory with received quantities (only for pre-established inventory databases)

What we will need to work together on?

Continued input; includes:
- Continuous open communication.
- If I am not handling your order purchasing, you need to let me know you've placed one.
- I will let you know when your order has been received and checked for discrepancies.

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