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Problem: Don't have enough time to reorder the supplies you need to run your business? Or you just don't want to deal with suppliers?

Solution: Hire me to come in and check your inventory on supplies and retail items and place your orders for you.

Require access to your suite?


$17 initial set-up,

What I need from you?

Initial set-up; includes:
- an inventory list of all your supplies and retail items
- a minimum on-hand quantity for each item
- your supplier's details (ordering platform, contact, delivery schedule)
- your information (login info, payment method, etc.)

Continued input; includes:
- any changes you want to make to your inventory (new/disco item) or minimum on-hand quantity are made in a timely manner

What you can expect from me?

Initial set-up; includes:
- Assist you in building your set-up lists
- Compare your minimum on-hand quantities vs. your suppliers minimum order quantities

Continued work; includes:
- A weekly* visit from me to your suite where I will count your current inventory
- Based on pre-established minimums lists I will compile an order list for your approval
- Place compiled order through your supplier
- Notify you of estimated time of arrival (if provided by supplier)

*based on business needs, this can be increased/decreased

What we will need to work together on?

Initial set-up; includes:
- synching our schedules (finding a time when I can come in to count the inventory without getting in your way)
- frequency of ordering
- working together to build your set-up list

Continued input; includes:
- adjusting frequency of ordering (based on your business needs, you may need me to come by more often to generate and send an order; or, you may require my to come less often)

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