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Inventory Database

Inventory Database

Problem: You currently have no way of tracking your inventory. You are unsure of what you have in-stock, making ordering stock difficult and you are more prone to over-ordering or under-ordering.

Solution: I can help build your inventory either in Square, Google Sheets or Excel.

Require access to your suite?


starting at $25

What I need from you?

- Provide me with a list of items and current quantities, or;
- Allow me to count your inventory myself
- Provide me with any user log in information so I can build your Square, Sheets or Excel inventory
ADD-ON $5: Shop set up on Square
- Provide me with your item cost, or;
- Provide me with your order invoices so I can extract the item costs
- Provide me with your retail price for your retail items
ADD ON $10: Shop item photos

What you can expect from me?

What we will need to work together on?

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