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Ordering & Receiving

Ordering & Receiving

Problem: Don't have enough time to reorder the supplies you need to run your business? Or you just don't want to deal with suppliers? Don't like receiving your order, checking for accuracy, or you simply don't want to deal with it?

Solution: Hire me to come in and check your inventory on supplies and retail items and place your orders for you. In addition, I will receive your order, check the physical items shipped vs. the order slip and confirm delivery accuracy.

Require access to your suite?


$25 initial set-up,
starting at $21/order

What I need from you?

What you can expect from me?


Initial set-up; includes:
- Assist you in building your set-up lists
- Compare your minimum on-hand quantities vs. your suppliers minimum order quantities

Continued work; includes:
- A weekly* visit from me to your suite where I will count your current inventory
- Based on pre-established minimums lists I will compile an order list for your approval
- Place compiled order through your supplier
- Notify you of estimated time of arrival (if provided by supplier)

*based on business needs, this can be increased/decreased


- review order and ensure order accuracy
- contact & follow up with suppliers if there are any discrepancies
ADD ON $5: - I will place your items on your retail shelves, colour bar and backbar
- I will put away your overstock in your storage cabinet
ADD ON $3: - update your inventory with received quantities (only for pre-established inventory databases)

What we will need to work together on?


Initial set-up; includes:
- synching our schedules (finding a time when I can come in to count the inventory without getting in your way)
- frequency of ordering
- working together to build your set-up list

Continued input; includes:
- adjusting frequency of ordering (based on your business needs, you may need me to come by more often to generate and send an order; or, you may require my to come less often)


Continued input; includes:
- Continuous open communication.
- If I am not handling your order purchasing, you need to let me know you've placed one.
- I will let you know when your order has been received and checked for discrepancies.

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